Anti Wrinkle Injections Will Restore the Glamour on Your Face


Wrinkles are associated with aging and when they start to show, different remedies are sought after to try to retain the smooth attractive skin. The remedies can be application of lotions and other chemicals but one has to persevere because the process takes time and results are not as quick as desired.


Anti wrinkle Botox injections is the way to go if you want the wrinkles to disappear within a short time. The injections are used to eliminate frown lines, crow’s feet and other wrinkles that make a person look aged. The injection is of a substance that works on certain muscles of the face and mostly on the neuromuscular junction of the muscles. The dilute substance paralyses the specific facial muscles for a certain period mostly four months. The process targets the small muscles found on the forehead, the brow and orbicularis muscle. Previously the process was achieved through freezing by complete paralysis of the forehead, but nowadays the weakening works better as people have the ability to frown and make other facial expressions. Anti wrinkle Botox Injections are applied into specific areas with accuracy to paralyze the targeted muscles.


This procedure is quick with minimal side effects. Mild redness will be noted on areas where injections have been applied but the skin will clear after twenty minutes. A mild headache that can simply be clear with some paracetamol will also be experience.


Skin rejuvenation procedures are readily available at Renew, a renowned plastic surgery clinic in Melbourne. Never go for less than professionals when your body and health is on the line. Professor Mark Ashton and his staff are skilled to offer different services that concern skin treatment and anti wrinkle procedures. You will have various options to choose from because they offer different types of injectables and laser services. Some treatments may take longer than a day, but the best thing is to have it finished within the same day. For the latest in skin rejuvenation, Contact us and see the various services we offer. You can also pay us a visit at New Womens Hospital in Parkville, second floor.

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