Physiotherapy Melbourne: Patient Preferred for Treatment and Rehabilitation


Physiotherapy encompasses a variety of techniques and methods to aid in preventing and treating injuries, providing post-operative care, and rehabilitation of current problems and those that can cause lingering effects. A physiotherapist Carnegie professional can assist individuals with diagnostic and appropriate treatment methods that are most beneficial for their particular condition.


The clinic offers appointments six days a week and offers late appointments for client convenience. Physiotherapy services encompass multiple methods and techniques that can be used individually or in combination to assist patients in reaching their goals. Physiotherapy is beneficial for easing pain, maintaining movement and for rehabilitation.


Patients come to the Glen Eira clinic for injuries resulting from sports, work and vehicle accidents. Physiotherapists also aid those with chronic diseases that affect mobility and quality of life, ranging from diabetes, arthritis and respiratory disease to incontinence, musculoskeletal conditions and cardiovascular disease.


Methods may include therapeutic massage, electro-stimulation and clinical Pilates, along with real-time ultrasound and aquatic therapy. Manual manipulation is beneficial for patients that may not be able to fully participate in movements to maintain range of movement. Complete treatment and management programs are tailored to the patient.


Physiotherapists can help with lifestyle changes and ergonomic solutions to help patients prevent injuries and avoid accidents in the home and at the workplace. The trained professionals can provide education and instruction on how to use mobility aids that include walkers and wheelchairs, crutches and canes, and motorized conveyances.


Orthotic devices are available to assist patients move, work and play in comfort. The custom devices are also beneficial for those involved in sports activities. They relieve pain and provide spinal alignment. Poor posture results in dysfunction that can appear in multiple areas of the body.


Physiotherapy treatments are appropriate for individuals of all ages. Therapies are available that accelerate the healing and recovery process, specifically designed to augment the body’s own ability to heal itself.


Physiotherapy is effective for relieving pain from multiple sources, treating injuries, addressing post-surgical needs and during the rehabilitation process. It has an array of applications, from assisting patients maintain mobility, gain strength and enhance sports performance to alleviating TMJ pain and meeting the challenges of chronic disease.

The practice can be reached by phone at (03) 9571 2111 or by visiting Physiotherapy Melbourne online.

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