Townsville GP Emphasizes Prevention & Lifestyle for Better Health

Dr. Ron Malpas is the Townsville GP, a clinician born and raised in the community who realized a lifelong dream of being a physician. He has over 30 years of medical experience to call upon when treating area residents. The GP emphasizes prevention and lifestyle, offering an extensive array of medical services that residents need most.
Modern healthcare encompasses a variety of disciplines that seek to discover and treat the underlying causes of disease, illness and disability rather than utilizing medications to mask symptoms. The clinician utilizes advanced technology to pinpoint the exact cause of illness and disease for quick and effective treatment.
The Townsville GP provides residents with advice, information and counseling about lifestyle management techniques to mitigate pain, illness and disability. Immunizations are an integral part of the practice’s philosophy of prevention and vaccines are offered for patients of all ages. Travelers have access to current information about the vaccines they will need and disease outbreaks within the destination country.
Children often show little or no early warning signs of illness until it’s a full blown crisis with the potential to spread to others. The practice provides prompt appointments for children to protect their health and the wellbeing of classmates. An after-hours helpline is also available when needed.
The GP offers assistance for family planning strategies, prenatal care and post-natal needs. Gender specific clinics are conducted that address the specific needs of men and women of all ages throughout the community. People have varying problems and concerns at different times throughout their life that are approached with compassion.
Information, counseling and management for weight loss and smoking cessation programs are available to mitigate the potential for disease. Nutritional advice can be obtained, along with general health checks. Periodic skin cancer clinics provide Townsville residents with the means to detect and diagnose melanoma, one of the most deadly forms of cancer. The practice works with a comprehensive network of specialists for referrals when needed.
Malpas is a Townsville GP with a passion for prevention and wellness. He works closely with patients to fight pain, chronic disease and disability in all its forms. Detection and monitoring is available to identify and treat problems at their earliest stages for a lifetime of health and vitality.
For more information, call Strive Health and Physiotherapy at 07 4773 6133.

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