Caroline Springs Physiotherapy – Get healthy today!

The highly trained physiotherapists at Caroline Springs Physiotherapy see their patients as whole people, not just as an individual presenting with a symptom, and aim to address the source of pain in order to restore optimal physical function and performance. We listen to you, complete a comprehensive assessment process, and devise a plan to help you get back to doing what you want to do.
A physiotherapist is highly trained in anatomy, biomechanics, muscle structure, and skeletal function and assists patients who have suffered musculoskeletal injuries, those recovering from surgical procedures, or individuals who simply want to function at their optimal physical potential.
As physiotherapists address your entire body, the range of treatment techniques each patient receives depends upon their particular pain/symptoms. Techniques available at Caroline Springs Physio include joint mobilisation therapy, massage, manipulation, dry needling, and muscle energy techniques. We also offer postural education, exercise programs, core stability training, Pilates training programs, and strength and rehabilitation programs.
Contact us today on (03) 9363 7200 to begin your journey to better health. Caroline Springs Physiotherapy are located at Building C, Unit C2, Lot 1042 Western Hwy, Caroline Springs.

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