Exploring TMJ Disorder

TMJ is a difficult affliction plaguing many people, but help can be found from in Melbourne. TMJ disorder is a manageable condition and having TMJ should not mean you get to live a less full life.

Explaining TMJ
If you are unfamiliar with the acronym, TMJ stands for temporo-mandibular joint, which is your jaw joint. Problems with such a joint are called TMJ disorders, and they cause aches and pains in the face which can severely hamper a person enjoying their day.

Do You Have TMJ?
Only a licensed practitioner can be the judge of that, but to give you an idea we will explain a few symptoms of TMJ. The most common is pain in the jaw, of course. Having uneven movements, or a clicking, popping, or other unusual sound, are all signs that something is off kilter. Symptoms of TMJ include being unable to chew or speak without aches, pains, or at all. If a person has tender, aching jaw muscles, and difficulty (or pain) from jaw movements then they may have TMJ.

Given the disorder’s title you will be unsurprised to find most symptoms revolve around the jaw, but there are other, accompanying symptoms. For example, a person with TMJ disorder may also experience headaches (especially after wakening), earaches, ringing in the ears, neck pain or even dizziness. Interestingly, if your dentist remarks that your teeth are wearing faster then they should that could be another sign.

Who Is At Risk?
TMJ can be something people deal with throughout their life, or it can be the result of a one-time incidence. People who clench their jaws put themselves at risk of TMJ due to the stress put on their jaw while clenching. Individuals with rheumatoid arthritis may find themselves with TMJ. Statistically, women are at more risk than men.

Since TMJ can occur from muscle inflammation a blow to the head, such as a punch or whiplash during a car accident, can trigger TMJ disorder. Even poor posture while sleeping or waking may have an effect.

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