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Physiotherapy Services in Mandurah

Physiotherapy Services in Mandurah

Do not let pain interrupt your life by keeping you out of work. You can never concentrate on your most important activities in your daily life when your back is not giving you a chance to focus. Quick fixes like taking of painkillers do not really help because, they are not solutions that you can use to get to the base of the cause, and clear the problem completely. It is lethal to suppress a condition that you are not sure what it is, because when it recurs it will have increased its magnitude making it hard for the medics to handle it. When you experience such pains therefore, it is prudent to get the assistance of physiotherapy professionals like the physiotherapists in Mandurah who will not settle at anything less than to see your body functionality is back to normal.

Physiotherapy, if you may be wondering is a healthcare profession that is based on evidence of the root cause of an ailment. After the cause has been established, the physiotherapist uses various techniques and interventions to reduce the pain and eventually restore the normal functionality of the body. You will need to explain or answer the questions that the physiotherapist is asking you without omitting any detail. The effectiveness of the procedure is maximized when the doctor goes directly to the problem, rather than doing his or her own checkups to determine the cause.

In Mandurah, you do not have to look any further than 4 Life Physiotherapy. We have physiotherapists who have enough experience injury rehabilitation, musculoskeletal and sports related problems. When you are in the able hands of any of them, you should only expect a lasting solution to your back pain problem because they are professionals in applying techniques like manipulations, joint mobilisation, acupuncture, massage ad dry needing. At 4 Life Physiotherapy we also engage in preventive techniques where we offer lessons on self-enablement techniques. In that case, in addition to the therapy we provide to them, we leave them with the ability to drive themselves to recovery by exercising on their own. There is more information that you can get on our website if you pay us a visit.

Take Care of Your Foot Problems the Right Way

Take Care of Your Foot Problems the Right Way

Podiatric is a branch of medicine that deals with disorders of the lower part of the leg that includes the foot, ankle, sole and the toes. Podiatry deals with diagnoses, medical care and even surgery where it is required. A Podiatric Physician deals with disorders that are experienced because of bone and joint problems. Examples of these disorders are muscular and soft tissue pathologies, arthritis, circulatory and neurological ailments. There are other less serious conditions that Podiatrists deal with and they are corns, calluses, nail disorders like ingrown toenails and skin disorders too. You may be injured while sporting or doing other activities. A Podiatric Physician can also provide treatment to this. When seeking for any kind of treatment, always go for the best and high quality service that is provided by established and experienced professionals. We offer the best of foot care in Brunswick and if you are in search of podiatry in Brunswick, then the right place to check is at Brunswick Foot Clinic. Our staff is highly skilled in providing preventive and restorative foot care. They work under the guidance of Christopher Wheeler who is the owner of the two branches in Brunswick and Sandringham. The accredited podiatrist has 25 years of experience.

All our professionals have attained the required Bachelor’s Degree and registration with the Podiatry Registration Boards. They are keen to listen to your case in order to give the right diagnoses. They will then offer you choices of the treatment that you will require. We have been in business long enough to know the cases that occurs regularly, and therefore we have categorized our services into Sports Injuries, Orthotics, Children’s Foot Care, Nail Surgery, Shockwave Therapy, Heel Pain Management and Video Gait Analysis.


We believe in following up the cases that we treat to ensure that the patient has fully recovered. We therefore have to get a full health record of our patients, although most of the information is focused on Podiatry. The information is captured on our online appointment form. Pay us a visit at Foot Clinic Brunswick and let us solve that nagging foot problem.

Exploring TMJ Disorder

TMJ is a difficult affliction plaguing many people, but help can be found from in Melbourne. TMJ disorder is a manageable condition and having TMJ should not mean you get to live a less full life.

Explaining TMJ
If you are unfamiliar with the acronym, TMJ stands for temporo-mandibular joint, which is your jaw joint. Problems with such a joint are called TMJ disorders, and they cause aches and pains in the face which can severely hamper a person enjoying their day.

Do You Have TMJ?
Only a licensed practitioner can be the judge of that, but to give you an idea we will explain a few symptoms of TMJ. The most common is pain in the jaw, of course. Having uneven movements, or a clicking, popping, or other unusual sound, are all signs that something is off kilter. Symptoms of TMJ include being unable to chew or speak without aches, pains, or at all. If a person has tender, aching jaw muscles, and difficulty (or pain) from jaw movements then they may have TMJ.

Given the disorder’s title you will be unsurprised to find most symptoms revolve around the jaw, but there are other, accompanying symptoms. For example, a person with TMJ disorder may also experience headaches (especially after wakening), earaches, ringing in the ears, neck pain or even dizziness. Interestingly, if your dentist remarks that your teeth are wearing faster then they should that could be another sign.

Who Is At Risk?
TMJ can be something people deal with throughout their life, or it can be the result of a one-time incidence. People who clench their jaws put themselves at risk of TMJ due to the stress put on their jaw while clenching. Individuals with rheumatoid arthritis may find themselves with TMJ. Statistically, women are at more risk than men.

Since TMJ can occur from muscle inflammation a blow to the head, such as a punch or whiplash during a car accident, can trigger TMJ disorder. Even poor posture while sleeping or waking may have an effect.