Options for Bunion Treatment without Surgery

Bunions can come with or without symptoms. Some may cause pain and inflammation, whereas some may have no symptoms at all. Wearing tight shoes or high heels can worsen your bunion situation, and you may end up worsening it to the point of surgery. As we don’t want surgery, here are some bunion treatment Sydney you can use to decrease the symptoms of your bunion, so it does not get worse.

Options for Avoiding Worsening of Bunions

  1. Choose the right footwear for yourself. For people with bunions, the toe area of your shoe should never be tight, and the heels shouldn’t be higher than an inch or two. Other than this, avoid shoes with no arch support.
  2. Utilize the inserts of your shoes to help in aligning the feet properly. Also keep in mind the support of the arch.
  3. Give your toes and feet rest. Try removing your shoes for a short while waggling your toes so the pressure on your toes and feet is reduced.
  4. Try using toe spacers at night to space your toes. This will decrease the pressure on your toes.
  5. Pad your bunions Sydney CBD well, otherwise they can cause excessive pain and swelling. Covering the bunion reduces pressure and makes the shoes more comfortable.
  6. Mix Epsom salt in a tub of water and mix well. Soak your feet in it for about half an hour to reduce the chances of inflammation.
  7. Try icing your foot. Use ice packs and place above the swollen area to reduce inflammation and pain.
  8. Go for NSAID pain relievers. Examples of some of the most common painkillers are as ibuprofen or naproxen for the case of inflammation of joint.
  9. Elevate your feet above so that you can reduce the swelling and pain.
  10. Try doing foot exercises regularly. Massage your foot and move your big toe around in circles to keep the circulation going.
  11. Consider alternative bunion treatment Manly Vale such as foot manipulation or massage by a podiatrist.

Preventive Measures for Bunions:

There are some specific things you can easily do to avoid bunions or worsening them. Following are some tips on this:

Shoe Shopping in the Evening

The best time for shoe shopping is always in the evening. This is because your sweet are always a little swollen during the daytime, and they are the biggest at the evening. Buying shoes in evening will save you from the pain of getting the right size again or wearing it.

Check Support and Alignment of Shoe with Foot

Try to check the proper alignment of foot. If your feet are not arched, try to consult the doctor. If the shoes are not comfortable or supported, it might cause problem for you with your feet.

Maintain a Healthy Weight

Your weight exerts pressure on the body every time you stand or walk. So, if your toe joint is facing heavy pressure, there may be a high percentage of the chances of bunion development and inflammation. Try to maintain a healthy weight to avoid bunion and their worsening.