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Healthy smile

The dentist in St. Kilda offers a myriad of services to help prevent dental problems and repair damaged teeth, along with cosmetic procedures that for beautiful smiles that generate self-confidence. Dr. Hyun Soo Yu combines his expertise with modern technology and the latest methods to provide premiere dental care to each patient.


The Grey Street Dentist ensures that each patient is treated gently and completely understands any procedures that will be performed. Early dental visits are an essential part of good oral health to ensure that teeth are coming in correctly. Children need to know that a visit to the dentist isn’t the same as seeing a doctor. Youngsters should understand that people see a dentist to prevent problems.


Knowledge is the key to preventing dental difficulties and the practice’s experts begin a lifelong relationship with patients at an early age to familiarize them with the dentist office, ensure their dental health is progressing appropriately, and teach them the proper way to care for their teeth.


A large part of treating today’s patients involves cosmetic procedures, from whitening to orthodontics. In-office whitening procedures are offered, along with in-home bleaching kits. Invisalign® clear braces offer an invisible means of straightening teeth. They’re especially beneficial for teens that are particularly self-conscious. Cfast straightening is also available, providing a new option for clients who want fast results.


Crowns and bridges have never gone out of style for restorations. Crowns encase the entire tooth to provide protection, improve functionality, and enhance the appearance of the tooth. Bridges fill the gap between teeth when a tooth is missing. A bridge provides stability and keeps surrounding teeth from moving and shifting.


When a tooth is chipped, crooked or malformed, a veneer may be the solution for a pleasing smile. Veneers cover the entire tooth and can be performed in two ways. The method preferred by Hollywood celebrities is accomplished by shaving a thin layer from the tooth, readying it for a veneer. Composite veneers are fashioned from the same material used for fillings and can be accomplished in a day.


Clients can obtain custom mouthguards to prevent damage during a variety of activities. Fillings, root canal therapy and extractions are available, along with dentures and implants. The practice offers a full range of services to provide patients with a confident smile and good oral health.

The practice is located at the Casa Milano Building, 20 Grey St. in St. Kilda. For more information, call 03 9534 4017 or visit Grey Street Dentist online.

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Back pain strikes up to 80 percent of the world’s population at some point during their lifetime. It’s one of the most common conditions for which patients seek the assistance of a physiotherapist. From back pain due to a vehicle accident and poor posture to overuse injuries, a Fairfield physiotherapist can alleviate the pain and restore functionality.


Patients experience back pain for a wide variety of reasons, including chronic disease and neurological conditions. Back pain may actually originate in another part of the body entirely. The professionals at Fairfield Physiotherapy will perform a comprehensive assessment and examination to ascertain the exact cause of the pain, and design a customized treatment and management plan.


A physiotherapist may utilize multiple therapeutic techniques to restore range of motion, functionality and ease pain. Treatment will include therapy to relieve inflammation and decrease nerve irritation. Physiotherapists have an extensive array of treatments available to meet the needs and requirements of patients.


Depending upon the exact cause of a patient’s back pain, therapists may employ manual manipulation and mobilisation of the spine. Both are effective therapies when pain is severe, motion is limited or the patient isn’t able to fully participate in therapeutic movements.


Exercise programs and clinical Pilates provide patients with the tools to build strength and stabilize their core. Prescription exercises may also be indicated and performed at home between office visits to maintain progress. Spinal decompression therapy, a form of traction, is also an option.


Therapeutic massage addresses multiple issues. It helps ease pain and alleviate inflammation that accompanies back pain. Dry needling, acupuncture and trigger point therapy are effective means of releasing tension in soft tissues and neuro-pathways that occurs as one of the body’s responses to pain.


A physiotherapist may choose to employ electrical nerve stimulation to assist in maintaining motion and flexibility or bioelectric therapy to block pain responses transmitted to the brain. Both methods work with the body’s own healing mechanisms. Real-time ultrasound utilizes specific sound waves to address inflammation, relieve pain and accelerate healing.


Hot and cold therapy provides substantial pain relief and relaxes soft tissues. Hydrotherapy may also be employed and is especially effective for those with significant movement difficulties. Water buoys the body, enabling patients to perform therapeutic movements that might not be possible on dry land due to the pull of gravity.

For more information, call (03) 9489 7744 or visit online.

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clinical_pilates2Physiotherapy encompasses a variety of techniques and methods to aid in preventing and treating injuries, providing post-operative care, and rehabilitation of current problems and those that can cause lingering effects. A physiotherapist Carnegie professional can assist individuals with diagnostic and appropriate treatment methods that are most beneficial for their particular condition.


The clinic offers appointments six days a week and offers late appointments for client convenience. Physiotherapy services encompass multiple methods and techniques that can be used individually or in combination to assist patients in reaching their goals. Physiotherapy is beneficial for easing pain, maintaining movement and for rehabilitation.


Patients come to the Glen Eira clinic for injuries resulting from sports, work and vehicle accidents. Physiotherapists also aid those with chronic diseases that affect mobility and quality of life, ranging from diabetes, arthritis and respiratory disease to incontinence, musculoskeletal conditions and cardiovascular disease.


Methods may include therapeutic massage, electro-stimulation and clinical Pilates, along with real-time ultrasound and aquatic therapy. Manual manipulation is beneficial for patients that may not be able to fully participate in movements to maintain range of movement. Complete treatment and management programs are tailored to the patient.


Physiotherapists can help with lifestyle changes and ergonomic solutions to help patients prevent injuries and avoid accidents in the home and at the workplace. The trained professionals can provide education and instruction on how to use mobility aids that include walkers and wheelchairs, crutches and canes, and motorized conveyances.


Orthotic devices are available to assist patients move, work and play in comfort. The custom devices are also beneficial for those involved in sports activities. They relieve pain and provide spinal alignment. Poor posture results in dysfunction that can appear in multiple areas of the body.


Physiotherapy treatments are appropriate for individuals of all ages. Therapies are available that accelerate the healing and recovery process, specifically designed to augment the body’s own ability to heal itself.


Physiotherapy is effective for relieving pain from multiple sources, treating injuries, addressing post-surgical needs and during the rehabilitation process. It has an array of applications, from assisting patients maintain mobility, gain strength and enhance sports performance to alleviating TMJ pain and meeting the challenges of chronic disease.

The practice can be reached by phone at (03) 9571 2111 or by visiting Physiotherapy Melbourne online.

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Fear of the unknown prevents many individuals from seeking the expertise of a physiotherapy professional. A physiotherapist in Whittlesea has multiple therapies at their disposal to relieve pain and address dysfunction in any part of the body. Therapeutic methods are offered to ease pain and discomfort resulting from injuries, chronic diseases and aid in rehabilitation.


Whittlesea Physiotherapy utilizes state-of-the-art technology combined with a variety of therapeutic techniques and methods to restore function and maintain mobility. Treatment is designed to address the underlying cause of pain and not just the symptoms to reduce the potential of further re-occurrences.


Each patient is carefully assessed and examined to determine the cause of their problem. Pain often originates in one area of the body and makes itself known in an entirely different location. The practice takes a whole body approach to each injury or condition for the best long-term outcome for the patient.


Treatment can take many forms and different techniques are often combined. Patients have an extensive array of options available through physiotherapy. Individualized clinical Pilates programs strengthen and stabilize the core and pelvic floor muscles. It’s an effective method for patients of all ages to improve balance and aid in preventing falls and injuries.


Clinical Pilates available at a physiotherapy clinic are specialized programs conducted by professionals. They’re not the same as Pilates classes offered at spas and fitness centers. The controlled movements of clinical Pilates are designed to address pain, mobility difficulties and for rehabilitation. The clinic has a fully featured Pilates studio.


Dry needling is the Western cousin of acupuncture. It’s beneficial for relieving pressure and tenseness in muscles that cause pain and inhibit movement. The technique is effective for maintaining flexibility during recuperation and rehabilitation, and treating current or past injuries that demonstrate residual symptoms.


Sports injuries are increasing and Whittlesea Physiotherapy specializes in sports related injuries sustained during training and competition. Digital technology enables the physiotherapy specialists to locate the exact location and extent of the injury with pinpoint accuracy. Physiotherapy methods are also effective for improving performance.


The feet affect every other part of the body. Biomechanical scanning technology enables the experts to detect and diagnose areas of dysfunction. Custom orthotic devices can be created that provide support, correct imbalances and treat conditions resulting from chronic diseases.

For more information, call 03 9716 2250 or visit them online.

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Singapore Physio is the newest branch of the world famous Tokyo Physio, physiotherapy practices operated by expert physiotherapists who are also world-class athletes. The clinic’s services are sought by athletes around the globe and the practices have been customised to ensure the highest level of treatment, training and rehabilitation.


The physiotherapy specialists have developed a variety of elite programs that are offered exclusively at the clinics to address common problems athletes encounter. Patients have access to “4 Weeks to a Better Back”, a Triathlon Coaching program and triathlon training camps.


Singapore Physio is a premiere physiotherapy and training center featuring a private women’s health room specifically designed to accommodate women and their babies. Female athletes have different needs than their male counterparts, which are addressed in a fully equipped facility and natal exercise classes are offered. The clinic is the only English-speaking pediatric physiotherapy provider.


All services are provided by Australian trained, English speaking experts. The clinic provides diagnostic, treatment, training and rehabilitation services to help patients prevent injuries, relieve pain and return them to their normal range of activities as quickly as possible. Digital records ensure continuity of care across each of the clinic’s multiple locations.


Physiotherapy encompasses a variety of options, from massage therapy and clinical Pilates to manual manipulation and electrical stimulation to train, restore functionality and rehabilitate a myriad of injuries. The practice offers state-of-the-art equipment and therapeutic technology, including the Game Ready® cold therapy compression system.


Singapore Physio specializes in sports injuries and post-operative care, with treatment and management and performance enhancement plans customised to accommodate the needs and requirements of the individual. Current problems are addressed, along with past injuries and conditions that have lingering effects and impede competition.


The practice provides services for individuals who are involved in any sport. Running assessments, bike fittings and ergonomic consultations enable individuals to perform effectively, efficiently and comfortably to minimize the potential for injuries. Seminars and professional development sessions are offered at negotiable sites to increase productivity, while reducing lost time accidents, strains and injuries.


The clinic’s physiotherapists are experts in treating, managing and enhancing sports performance. From headaches and repetitive motion injuries to post-operative recuperation and rehabilitation, the clinic provides athletes with an elite, one-stop resource for health, training and rehabilitation under a single roof.

For more information, call +65 6887 4190 or visit them online.

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Vascular disease is a topic that few want to discuss and typically don’t even think about unless a problem is detected. When the expertise of a vascular surgeon is needed and a patient has the leisure to make a choice, there are a number of factors that should be considered.


To make an informed decision, patients must first understand what a vascular surgeon is and what they do. He or she is an expert in the intricacies of the veins and arteries within the human body. They’re highly educated individuals with extensive practical experience and a deft touch when surgery is required.


They’re able to diagnose a wide variety of vascular problems and perform the surgical procedures necessary to repair and treat disease and conditions ranging from common to rare. Patients see a vascular surgeon for an array of conditions that includes aneurysms and carotid artery disease to peripheral arterial disease.


Vascular surgeons can perform surgical reconstructions, stenting and angioplasty, and they treat varicose veins, venous ulcers and perform vessel mapping. They work with other medical professionals who are experts in the field of cardiovascular disease, neurology and rehabilitation.


Significant advances in techniques and technology have been made that shorten recovery times, are far less invasive than they were even 10 years ago, and result in fewer potential complications. The focus of today’s vascular surgeons is endovascular techniques that are minimally invasive.


Some patients aren’t good candidates for endovascular surgical procedures and their surgeon will be able to make that determination. Vascular surgeons will be able to advise patients of their options and recommend a course of action appropriate to their condition and other considerations that include the individual’s age and severity of the condition.


When a surgical intervention is required for vascular problems, it’s important for patients to know what a vascular surgeon is and what to expect. A vascular surgeon has the knowledge and expertise to inform individuals about their condition, treatment options, and if they’re candidates for minimally invasive endovascular techniques that allows patients to get back on their feet quicker.


Dr. Deepak Williams is an experienced vascular surgeon at North Coast Vascular, specializing in minimally invasive techniques to address a wide variety of vascular disorders and dysfunction. For more information, call 1300 278 379 or visit North Coast Vascular online.

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It’s estimated that there are more than 300,000 professional, recreational and commuter bike riders throughout Australia, many of whom have experienced an injury ranging from simple muscle strain to broken bones. The Body Mechanic is the leading bike fitting Sydney facility, providing professional fittings by physiotherapists who are elite athletes in their own right.


Bike fittings are an important element in preventing injuries, riding more efficiently and enhancing performance. The in-depth process takes numerous factors into consideration. A professional bike fitter assesses an individual’s flexibility and riding style, adjusting the conveyance for optimal comfort and safety. Skill levels and past injuries are also taken into consideration.


Many bikers have physical problems and habits of which they’re unaware that can result in pain, injury and accidents. Bike riders often find during their fitting that an arm or leg is slightly shorter than the other or they may hold their feet at an awkward angle when pedaling. Those elements can have a major impact on muscles when riding.


Matching pedal cleats to the individual takes a considerable amount of time, but it’s a process that allows bikers to use their legs like high-performance pistons. It allows limbs to move straight and smooth for maximum efficiency. A bike fitter can also provide information on appropriate footwear to alleviate problems specific to the individual to minimize discomfort.


No two people are alike when it comes to how they sit and nowhere is that more apparent than when spending long hours on a bike seat. Professional fitters measure the client’s bones to determine the right seat width to ride in comfort. One of the most common problems among bikers is choosing a seat that’s too narrow.


A bike fitting is a cooperate endeavor that aligns a person’s body with their machine. When riding a bike, even the smallest adjustments are important. They allow individuals to ride comfortably, prevent an extensive array of injuries, and take full advantage of the pleasure that bike riding provides.


Located at Bay 10, Middlemiss St. in Lavender Bay, fans can follow the practice on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.


For more information, call 02 9955 5842 or visit The Body Mechanic online.

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When most people think of therapeutic massage, they’re referring to a form of myotherapy that encompasses multiple types of hands-on methods used as stand-alone therapies or in conjunction with other therapeutic techniques. Myotherapy Glen Waverley has become a preferred resource for those suffering from pain, injuries and limited mobility, along with anxiety and mood problems.


Myotherapy techniques are effective as individual treatments and can be paired with chiropractic adjustments and naturopathic methods for a complete health and wellness solution. Myotherapy utilizes massage, myofascial release and dry needling, along with trigger point therapy, therapeutic stretching and cupping.


The techniques used in myotherapy works to sooth inflammatory conditions that limit motion and cause pain in joints, soft tissues and aggravates the nervous system. Therapies are used in rehabilitation after injuries and surgical interventions, to eliminate toxins from the body, and for stimulating the lymphatic and immune system.


Therapies address restrictions in connective tissues, joint dysfunction and mobility issues. It’s appropriate for alleviating conditions specific to pregnant and nursing women. The techniques release muscle tension and pressure that causes pain and inhibits movement, stimulates circulation and enhances the body’s own abilities for healing.


Myotherapy offers an effective treatment for many physical conditions that don’t respond well to traditional methods, and offer mental benefits ranging from better sleep to easing depression. Myotherapy techniques are extremely versatile. They can be modified and adjusted to accommodate the individual and reflect the patient’s ongoing progress.


Therapeutic massage is a primary myotherapy method, but shouldn’t be confused with the typical types of massage received at spas. Therapeutic massage therapy is performed by specially trained professionals with extensive knowledge of the nerves, muscles, ligaments and bones within the body.


Stroke patients and those with chronic muscle, joint and nerve conditions respond well to myotherapy. It’s beneficial for treating physical ailments and is used in rehabilitation. Massage therapy is particularly effective for elevating moods, easing depression, and alleviating stress and anxiety that can lead to physical symptoms.


Myotherapy methods have been used for centuries to treat ailments of the body and mind, enhancing physical performance and reducing recovery times following injuries. It’s beneficial for obtaining restorative sleep, decreasing fatigue and strengthening the immune system.

For more information, call 03 9545 0278 or visit Waverley Central Chiropractic Clinic online.

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Even though physiotherapy is meant to deal with treating and correcting conditions that cause patients a lot of pain. There are activities that are done to get to its root cause, and this is the best way to deal with the paint. When the point of problem is noted, the treatment becomes easier and faster. When we experience pains, the first thing that clicks on our minds is to take medication to ease the pain. The medication covers the problem and when it recurs, it will be more powerful, and at times with an added problem of the drug’s side effects. That is why, when we are offering physiotherapy in Albany Creek, we strive to get the cause by taking our patients through monitoring and checkups until we get the source of the pain.


At Action Physiotherapy & Sports Injury Centre, we have a team of professional physiotherapists who will get your medical history in your initial visit. Feel free to open up because together you will be able to point out the major factors of your problem. The examination involves verbal and physical techniques, until you get to the right point. After this, the evaluation process, which is for determining the areas that should be worked upon to improve your health and reduce the pain levels, begins. Physiotherapy care is all about remedying the impairment and disabilities that are causing pain.


Athletes should stop taking medication every time they feel some discomfort that is pain related. Our experienced Physiotherapists have the experience of checking the musculoskeletal framework and determining the cause of the discomfort. We have distinctive strategies that we use, and although at times they may seem to be tormenting, we ensure that by the end of the sessions all the pain is gone. The impact of the physiotherapy care last for the longest time and gives a player a chance to enjoy all the activities. Our method is adequate, effective and safe. We provide the assurance that you can engage in any form of activity without worrying about your bones, muscles and joints.

Visit us at Action Physiotherapy and Sports Injury Centre and let us help you do workouts and eliminate the pain.

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Mild foot problems can escalate to ailments that are more serious if not given the right care and treatment when they start developing. For that reason, you should visit a podiatry clinic when you discover some changes on your lower limb. Most disorders will lead to pain but other like corns and calluses and thickened nails will just be seen. Preventive measures are always the best because they are cheap, not just when you look at it from the monetary perspective but also the avoidance of a severe condition that lack of early treatment can lead to. Not many people have heard of Podiatric Care. It is a field of medicine that is becoming popular due to the increased cases of foot ailments. This care is offered to patients who are having problems with the lower part of the leg that includes the knee, foot and ankle. If you reside in Brunswick, getting a Brunswick podiatrist will not be hard because we at Brunswick Foot Clinic are established and known for the spectacular services we offer our patients.


Due to our high quality service that is offered by our qualified and experience professional, the Australian Podiatry Coucil recognizes us. We can handle all ailments relating to foot disorder and you can be assured that we will solve your condition too. Our listening podiatrists will get to the root of your condition before they embark on treatment. The treatment we provide is categorized into four categories that assist us to provide specific care to your ailment. The four categories are:

  • Preventive care

  • Common injuries

  • Skin conditions

  • Nail conditions


You are advised to fill the registration form if you are a new patient, so that we can be in a position to understand your history and offer you comprehensive care. In addition to the special care that we provide to our patients, we also give them advice on how to take of their feet as a preventive measure. Some conditions are worsened by neglect where a patient may assume that a slight discomfort will go, not knowing that it can develop to a serious ailment. Visit our website for more information.