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Wrinkles are associated with aging and when they start to show, different remedies are sought after to try to retain the smooth attractive skin. The remedies can be application of lotions and other chemicals but one has to persevere because the process takes time and results are not as quick as desired.


Anti wrinkle Botox injections is the way to go if you want the wrinkles to disappear within a short time. The injections are used to eliminate frown lines, crow’s feet and other wrinkles that make a person look aged. The injection is of a substance that works on certain muscles of the face and mostly on the neuromuscular junction of the muscles. The dilute substance paralyses the specific facial muscles for a certain period mostly four months. The process targets the small muscles found on the forehead, the brow and orbicularis muscle. Previously the process was achieved through freezing by complete paralysis of the forehead, but nowadays the weakening works better as people have the ability to frown and make other facial expressions. Anti wrinkle Botox Injections are applied into specific areas with accuracy to paralyze the targeted muscles.


This procedure is quick with minimal side effects. Mild redness will be noted on areas where injections have been applied but the skin will clear after twenty minutes. A mild headache that can simply be clear with some paracetamol will also be experience.


Skin rejuvenation procedures are readily available at Renew, a renowned plastic surgery clinic in Melbourne. Never go for less than professionals when your body and health is on the line. Professor Mark Ashton and his staff are skilled to offer different services that concern skin treatment and anti wrinkle procedures. You will have various options to choose from because they offer different types of injectables and laser services. Some treatments may take longer than a day, but the best thing is to have it finished within the same day. For the latest in skin rejuvenation, Contact us and see the various services we offer. You can also pay us a visit at New Womens Hospital in Parkville, second floor.

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There are many physiotherapy services that are often overlooked when seeking a physiotherapy practice. 4 Life Physiotherapy provides patients with traditional physiotherapy options, along with orthotics and occupational health services, and addresses problems specific to women’s health.


Weak and dysfunctional pelvic floor muscles can cause a variety of problems for women, from bladder issues and back pain to pregnancy-related issues. The comprehensive services of the women’s health program at 4 Life Physiotherapy treats problems at all stages of a woman’s life. Exercise therapy helps with the pain and mobility problems associated with osteoporosis and aids in prevention and management of the disease. Women who breastfeed are prone to any number of problems and can find relief through physiotherapy.


An orthotic is a device that helps alleviate pain, redistribute weight and pressure, and correct a variety of problems. Each orthotic is customized to meet the needs of the individual. Orthotics are used to aid patients with flat feet and high arches, address tendon and muscle pain, and treat problems on the bottom of the feet.


Occupational therapy treats injuries after they occur and can help reduce the incidence of problems before they happen. The clinic conducts pre-employment job matching, a technique that assesses a candidate’s capacities against specific job requirements. The practice offers job role profiling, ergonomic workstation and manual handling risk assessments. Manual handling training is offered, on-site and off-site physiotherapy injury management for employees, and injury management and consulting services.


Physiotherapy practices are seeing an increase in sports-related injuries as more people engage in activities to stay active and lose weight. Patients are treated for musculoskeletal injuries and pre and post-surgical rehabilitation. Prevention and management programs can be prescribed, in addition to post-surgical strategies and treatment for strains, fractures and pulled muscles.


Manual manipulation and spinal mobilization techniques are used to release pressure on joints and improve range of motion. Accompanying therapies are often prescribed that can include dry needling, therapeutic massage and exercise prescriptions.

Dry needling is administered using extremely thin needles at pressure points to improve blood flow, stimulate healing and flush toxins from the body. It’s an effective treatment for aiding the body in releasing natural anti-inflammatory endorphins to relieve pain, relax tight muscles and reduce the incidence of muscle spasms.


The clinic maintains an on-site gym rehabilitation unit with advanced equipment to help patients regain strength, mobility and range of motion. Gym sessions can be used as an adjunct to the practice’s weight loss, conditioning and diabetes management programs.


The physiotherapists in Mandurah offer a full complement of preventative and post-trauma services to restore patients to their normal activities as quickly as possible. The practice offers an exhaustive range of services, many of which patients may be unaware of but can significantly impact their quality of life.