What is the best hearing aid for seniors?

It is a known reality that seniors tend to suffer from hearing loss at some point. Not all oticon hearing aids Sydney are made equal and there are some that are more comfortable and suited to fit the needs of the elderly. 

Buy hearing aids online that are suited best for seniors vary from the ones that go behind the ear to the ones that go into the ear. The ones that go behind the ear are referred to as  BTE and RIC. The ones that go into the ear are referred to as IIC, CIC, ITC and ITE. These all fall in the category of the preferred types for seniors who are experiencing hearing loss. 

The receiver in canal (RIC) Oticon hearing aids Sydney is the Unitron Discover Next (2020). Though this type of hearing aid tends to sit on the ear this design is lightweight and thin thus affording comfort and discreetness in appearance. It comes with different levels of technology and you are able to choose form 5-7 based on which best suites your needs and budget. 

Behind the ear (BTE) hearing aid sits behind the ear with an ear hook with an attached tube that can be altered based on the severity of hearing loss. The convenience and reliability of the BTE’s is their ability to suit severe hearing-impaired seniors because of the large amplifiers normally attached to assist in the sound output. The best BTE of its kind currently is said to be the Oticon Xceed with the new brain hearing and open sound feedback technology. This is the best option for the seniors who are suffering severe hearing loss. Though this device is quite sensitive it is still able to reduce the noise from any direction and still be able to process and deliver the sound. 

The Invisible in canal (IIC) hearing aid is also another popular one among seniors as its fits deeper down with the ear canal thus almost impossible to notice them when being worn. The greatly assist with deciphering noises and producing great natural sound. The marvel titanium 2020 IIC by Phonak seems to be making waves as the best bluetooth and rechargeable hearing aid of its series in 2020. Being the only medical grade titanium hearing aid.

The In-the ear hearing aid (ITE) is seen as very convenient and easy to maneuver with less discomfort, with a lasting battery life of 7-14 days, than others and on this premise might be considered as the best option for some seniors. The Resound Quattro is the 2020 hearing aid selection for the ITE. 

The In-the Canal hearing aid (ITC) are special to many seniors because it can be custom built specifically to the individuals specific hearing needs based on impressions collected of the ear and surroundings. Its regularly compared to the CIC. The outside shell is quite light weight.  The Starkey Livio Edge AI is the selected best hearing aid for 2020 being the fist rechargeable customized hearing aid.

The completely in Canal (CIC)hearing is similar to the IIC as expressed above but they don’t fit as deep int the ear. Widex currently manufacturers one of the best CIC’s at this time guaranteeing pure sound and tru-acoustics technology that ensures the hearing receives the correct amount of sound towards the ear drum, less distortion and a more authentic sound. 

For seniors though the best overall hearing aid is the Completely in canal hearing (Widex) aid based on technique, comfort, size, alertness and accessibility, contact your local audiologist for a hearing assessment Sydney.